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Our Team

Management Team

Our management team includes the Executive Director and Residence Manager. Housed in-program, they are able to provide a high level of support to both the children and staff, to ensure that the vision, values, skill sets, and resources necessary to implement a quality program are strategically deployed in a planned and proactive manner.

Foster Parents

We get to know our prospective foster parents through the SAFE Home Study, and bring them into the Mutual Support family based on their natural abilities as nurturing caregivers and advocates as well as their demonstrated skills to meet the demands of providing care for at-risk children. While formal training is not required prior to becoming a foster parent, our foster parents possess a willingness and capacity to learn concepts that are trauma-informed, treatment-specific, and often seem counter-intuitive to popular belief.

Child Care Team

Our dedicated, professional Child care team are graduates of a CYW or SSW diploma program or Child Studies degree from a Canadian college or university. Our supervisors and child care workers work tirelessly to provide excellent care, and sometimes are ‘the calm brain’ for children that have often been in multiple placements prior to their admission and find it difficult to regulate their emotions. Our staff often become the secure caregiver that every child needs.

Clinical Support

Cynthia McClure, MSW, provides clinical supervision, and evidence-based, trauma-informed training to our staff and management, to move children and youth toward wellness. Cynthia (Cindy) McClure is a Registered Psychotherapist, as well as a Registered Nurse and has a Masters in behaviour studies and certification in trauma treatment. As a trained clinician, Cindy has worked extensively in the Children and Adolescent in the mental health sector as a therapist.

Corporate Background

Non-Profit Status

Mutual Support was incorporated in 1982 as a non-profit corporation in the province of Ontario, Canada.


Each residence is licensed by MCCSS annually. To remain in operation, Mutual Support must be in compliance with MCCSS regulations in all aspects of the licensing process, including:

  • Ensuring that the child is receiving, in a timely manner, all of the physical care, education, specialized treatment, medical/dental and professional services that they require,
  • Ensuring that all staff have been screened appropriately, and have received all the mandatory orientation and training necessary to provide optimal care to the province’s most vulnerable children
  • Meeting the requirements of several detailed physical inspections of each residence, including the Niagara Regional Health Department, municipal Fire Services, and licensed HVAC contractors
  • Meeting or exceeding the standards set by MCCSS licensing specialists who also inspect each residence and conduct interviews with the children and youth, the management team and staff, to verify that policies align appropriately with practice and ensure that all policies, procedures, and practices are in accordance with MCCSS regulations and the Child, Youth and Family Services Act.

Public Relations

Mutual Support deeply appreciates the assistance and involvement of volunteers, local residents and neighbours that contribute to the lived experience of the children in our care. While we anticipate that these relationships will most times be problem-free, we recognize that sometimes challenges occur that require a little more attention and mutual understanding. Please direct any inquiries to Randy Klassen, Executive Director.

in 2019, Mutual Support was pleased to receive a grant from the Karl Kahane Foundation.

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