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Family Based Care

Our Family Based Care residences have the unique feature of live-in house parents with shift-based child care support. These two residences provide family based care to children and youth who have often moved through the foster care system or adoption services because of their unique needs. These parent-model homes are a long term option, providing all of the desired qualities of a family home, with child care support added to greatly increase the likelihood of long term positive outcomes. These two residences are co-ed, for children and youth from 6-17.

Poth Residence

Program Update: Oct. 8, 2016 We are recalibrating…just a bit. Since 2009, our Poth residence team has been committed to preparing youth that will be aging out of care with the skills necessary for living successfully in the community. Often on their own, sometimes with the continued support of their home agency, or attached to another agency that supports adults, these youth have utilized newly learned skills to navigate their communities as healthy individuals. Working with street-involved youth requires an amazing skill set, but as an agency we have come to recognize that this is not what we do best. Our strategic plan will remain focused on providing evidence-based, trauma-informed care and treatment in a way that meets all of the safety and interpersonal needs of children and youth. Admission age is now capped at 14. We anticipate that, over time, our Poth residence will be more closely aligned with our latency-aged residence.

Latency-aged Residence

The latency aged program is for children that require a highly structured program. This caring, staff model environment provides for the unique aspects of each child’s social and trauma history, providing alternatives to the children’s current coping strategies, mitigating the extent of the child’s developmental disruption in an environment that is normalizing, active and creative.

Alternate Education Programming

In partnership with the District School Board of Niagara, Mutual Support operates two Alternate School classrooms at Port Colborne High School. Available to every resident of Mutual Support that requires a high level of support, each student has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) developed by the classroom teacher, and a behavioural support plan created jointly by the DSBN teachers and Mutual Support educational child care staff. Partial integration into public school programs can be facilitated while participating in the Alternate School Program.

Specialized Foster Care

Our small network of community-based specialized foster care providers are an integral part of our continuum of care. These dedicated and caring families are an ideal option for the children and youth that require a less intensive setting than our staffed or parent-model residences.

After Care Support

A turn-key, fee for service solution for children’s aid societies and other placing agencies, designed for youth that were formerly in a Mutual Support program, the goal of this program is to provide community-based support and advocacy on an agency’s behalf to adult clients. Building on the longstanding relationship already in place, Mutual Support can provide rapid deployment of regionally-based, professional, skilled workers to provide after-care to former residents of Mutual Support.

Our Community Stakeholders

Mutual Support is supported by many stakeholder agencies, including the many CAS agencies throughout southern Ontario that place children within our programs. We appreciate the support of the many local agencies that assist us in improving the lived experience of our children and youth, including:

Mutual Support welcomes contact from any agencies, businesses, or individuals that are interested in making contributions that benefit our residents.

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