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Becoming a Foster Parent

As part of our continuum of services to referring agencies and the families they serve, our foster families provide the care and support that every child needs and deserves, when that child is not able to live with their own family.

Our Foster parents are supported by our own Case Manager in conjunction with the referring agency’s Children's Services Worker to develop a plan for each child’s care. The length of foster care placements can vary considerably.

Foster parenting is not a job. It is a commitment to care for a child or youth who may not have experienced a positive family environment for a considerable period of time, perhaps ever. It is a commitment to making that child an integral part of your family, minimizing and eliminating any barriers that may prevent them from feeling securely attached to you as their substitute parent. Foster parenting is a lifestyle choice.

Prospective Foster Parents must undertake a significant screening process that can take a considerable amount of time before they can be approved as foster parents. The screening process includes a SAFE Home Study, criminal record and vulnerable sector screening, medical clearance, a driver record search, written references, as well as a search of the Child Welfare Information System for any negative indicators.

Prospective foster parents should clearly understand the reasons why children require out of home care, and be prepared to support a child that may have coping strategies that may seem unhealthy to caregivers. Understanding the affects of adverse, chronic developmental trauma is critical. Ongoing in-service training assists our foster parents to manage these challenges.

After Hours support, weekly child care assistance, and monthly respite are all ways that we support our foster parents to ensure that they remain energized in their efforts to provide high quality care to the child or youth. Foster parents are also paid a daily per diem that covers many of the expenses that they will incur, including clothing, transportation, school, and recreational expenses.

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